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The Importance of Prevention

Periodontal Disease


Periodontal Disease (gum disease) is the most common disease occurring in dogs and cats, yet it is the most preventable. 

Gum disease is an infection resulting in the build-up of soft plaque around the gum line. The bacteria in dental plaque irritate the gingival tissue resulting in inflammation (gingivitis). Over time, plaque and tartar accumulate in thick deposits of calcium called calculus. If left untreated, the bacteria living in and under the calculus can enter the bloodstream through the gums causing damage to the liver, kidneys, heart, and brain. All this is easily prevented through awareness, routine dental check-ups, and a little home care. 

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Interested in learning more about your pets oral cavity and the details of a healthy mouth vs. a problematic one?  Take a look at my slide show!

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The Non-Anesthetic Approach


Your Pet’s Non-anesthetic Procedure 

Most dogs and cats over the age of 2 require routine dental care. This means every 6 months to one year for dental check-ups in order to maintain a healthy mouth. If your pet’s mouth is starting to need attention, and your vet thinks non-anesthesia is right for your pet, then here is what you can expect: 

I will be made aware of your pet’s medical conditions, if any, prior to the procedure.
Your pet will sit comfortably in my lap with minimal restraint with my left hand and a draped towel.
I spend time calming each pet in my lap before I begin.
The dental begins with a detailed oral exam, searching for abnormalities or the need for an anesthetic procedure.
I then begin to scale the mouth (each pet gets a sterile tool) with a combination of hand tools and ultra-sonic scaling for sub-gingival tartar removal. This is done without gags or mouth restraints. I only use gauze to catch the water and tarter.
Every pet receives a high powered polish to buff out small scratches leaving a smooth surface behind.
A bacteria killing rinse is used to wash away any remaining debris. Your pet is then free to stand up and be praised for being so well behaved!
Each pet receives a dental report for your medical records. 

About Annie Wolf

Specialized Interest

I am a trained veterinary nurse who has worked in the veterinary field since 2002. I became intrigued with and quite proficient in anesthetic dentistry, often performing up to six procedures a day. I am proud to be certified by the American Society of Veterinary Dental Technicians and of course I am CPR certified as well. 
With my profound knowledge base, experience, and interest in the animal oral cavity, I pursued the preventative medicine approach to dentistry. For the last decade, I have been working side by side with veterinarians throughout Southern California perfecting the art of non- anesthetic dental care. 
My belief is to treat and handle each pet as if they were my own. This coupled with years of training allows the procedure to be brief and tolerable. Your pet is my pet while under my care. That is, and always will be, my mantra. Thepetdentalpro in Los Angeles

Canine Before

Mild dental calculus on a two year old Labrador. This is when you should begin routine dental care. 

Canine After

After a scale and polish, revealing a healthy oral cavity. 

Feline Before

Eight year old cat with moderate periodontal disease and inflammation (gingivitis).

Feline After

A non-anesthetic cleaning reveals mild recession and no tooth decay.



Nicolette Bertolone, DVM, CVA, CCRT Associate Veterinarian 

California Animal Rehabilitation 2237 Colby Ave Los Angeles, CA 90064 T 310 998-2273 


January 11, 2015 

To whom it may concern, 


I am writing to recommend Annie Wolf for the position of non-anesthetic dental professional in your veterinary clinic (as an independent contractor). I had the pleasure of working directly with Annie and overseeing all of her work for over 3 years during my associate veterinarian position at Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic. 

Not only does Annie have incredible skill, knowledge and technique in the practice of anesthesia-free dental cleaning, but what makes her most outstanding is her work ethic, integrity and dedication to treating each patient as an individual case. Knowing her limitations in the realm of her practice and understanding her collaborative role with veterinarians, Annie keeps the veterinarian informed about each patient by keeping detail-oriented records as well as showing the veterinarian the patient’s specific issue when there is an indication for an anesthetic dental (and likely teaching you a few things as well!). 

An additional exceptional quality about Annie is how she works with the patients. From her technique for comfortable yet effective animal restraint to her verbal communication and soothing cues with pets is unmatched. Her previous experience in the veterinary field, working as a highly competent and well sought-after technical staff member, has given her an edge for understanding not only veterinary oral pathology, but for general veterinary pathophysiology and it’s indications. Because of this, I feel comfortable and confident referring my patients with major diseases to Annie (ie: cardiovascular, neurologic, etc). In many cases, I prefer these types of patients not to undergo anesthesia due to inherent risk, making non-anesthetic dentistry the preferred method of oral hygiene. 

Although my current position as a veterinary acupuncturist and canine rehabilitation therapist inhibits me from working one-on-one with Annie at this time, I still entrust her with my own pets on a regular basis. I firmly believe in the practice of anesthesia-free dental prophylaxis for the treatment and maintenance of low-grade oral plaque and periodontal disease in our veterinary patients and I strongly believe that Annie Wolf is a leader in this field. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Sincerely yours,
Nicolette Bertolone, DVM, CVA, CCRT 

Yelp Reviews


I came here to have my cat's teeth cleaned, so not to see the doctor really. The person was Annie Wolf and I am very impressed.
She  can do it without anesthesia, which is what I wanted and although my  cat had pretty bad plaque on his molars and a bit infection she got all  off without an issue and my cat is still talking to me afterwards. No  big deal and very important for cats, they can die from issues related  to lack of mouth hygiene.
I would totally recommend her to any cat owner.
I  can't judge the price, it was not incredibly cheap, but I asked around  with other vets, most of them did not offer anesthesia free and were  similar or more expensive.
Front staff is very polite and effective, too.

J. Keller

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